If you think that interior designer is safe from any complaints, then you think wrong. Even the designers are at risk of getting sued. It is the reason why most designers are getting insurance for their protection as well as for every homeowner client they have. Here are the types of home interior insurance that you can acquire.

1. Professional Liability Insurance

It will serve as a protection for any legal suits that has been filed if there are any cases of a mistake on the design. If you get sued, you won’t need to worry about the lawyer fees because it will all be covered by the insurance.

2. General Liability Insurance

In cases that someone gets hurt although it is unintentional, you will have this insurance to help you out in case the homeowner decides to sue you. If ever there will be any materials left that have caused harm to anyone, you can rely on this insurance.

3. Employment Practices Insurance

In a workplace, there are instances that some employees will decide to file a complaint against and shady business practices. If you have this insurance, then it can cover some professional fees as well as the litigation expenses.

4. Property Insurance

If you have a showroom and someone accidentally damage your property, you won’t need to cover the costs because it will be taken cared of the property insurance policy.

5. Error and Omissions Insurance

If there has been a plan laid out but it doesn’t match the request of the clients, it will be considered a mistake. If your customer decided to file a complaint against you, the error and omission insurance could help you out.
If you are in the interior design industry, it is important that your best interest is protected. You cannot control what could happen, so it is always better if you are protected against unavoidable circumstances.

The 5 Types of Home Interior Design Insurance