We all know that we cannot please everyone and the same saying goes with different homeowners who hire interior designers for their homes. Here are the top reasons why some clients tend to be unhappy. Check out the reasons why some of them end up filing charges against the interior designers they have hired.

1. Inappropriate advice

For a homeowner, they want the best for their homes. If ever there has been a wrong information advised to them and they have that proven, it can cause some issues and they can end up suing the designer they have hired.

2. Changes

If there will be any changes that have been made on the design outside what both parties have agreed to, it can cause some problems. The worst thing that can occur is if the issue will be brought into court because we all know that the customer needs should be prioritized.

3. Materials

The materials that will be used should always be under what has been agreed to. Any changes to the materials used should be with the approval of the homeowner. However, if there will be any instance that a wrong material has been used, clients will not be happy about it.

4. Scheduling

If a customer hires your services, there will be an agreement with the schedules or the timetable of the final delivery of the project. It should be strictly followed because failing to do so can cause a breach of the contract you have.

5. Failure to deliver

The finished products should be done at the right time. The time of the client should be respected to avoid any problems. If there will be an instance that there has been a delay, your client has the right to sue you because it is not what the both of you agreed.

As a designer, the right conduct and etiquette should be followed to avoid any problems. However, it is in your best interest to get insurance to make sure you are protected in any case that your client decided to sue.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Often Sue the Designers And Why They Need The Insurance